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  Are you willing to pay more for comming iPad 3?

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Are you willing to pay more for comming iPad 3?   Sat Sep 17, 2011 8:39 am

Reports are coming in that the iPad 3 will feature a lighter and thinner battery than the current iPad 2. The contract for the batter in the upcoming release of the iPad 3 has been rumored to be given to two suppliers. Simplo Technology Co and Dynapack International Technology Corp were both selected by Apple according to Taiwan Economic News. These two companies are no stranger to Apple, as they both currently manufacture the batteries for the iPad 2 and the MacBooks.andWholesale iPad 3 Cases.

The Taiwan Economic News reported: “ipad 3 accessories battery module will call for advanced technologies, selling for a higher price to benefit Simplo and Dynapack for sure, especially when the two companies have had their battery packs pass the IEEE 1625 test as the only two battery makers in Taiwan for the moment.” The battery is expected to cost 20-30% more then the current one found within the iPad 2. This however is expected if the rumors of a retina display are true. You will remember that a few months ago we mentioned how hard on the device such a display would be. Increases in processing power, thus battery consumption are inevitable. It seems that Apple is attempting to battle this problem with an increase in battery output including iPad 3 Cases.

The question that comes to mind now is, how much will the iPad 3 cost? An increase in battery price, and almost a definite large increase in display cost, will cause a higher priced device. Unless Apple is willing to take a smaller profit margin per device, they are going to have to do some cost cutting throughout the rest of the components. This isn’t something that Apple usually doesn’t do, which has helped create their image of high quality devices.

Do you think Apple will find a way to keep the ipad 3 accessories pricing similar to the current iPad 2? Or will there be an increase in price for the device? Would you be willing to pay that extra amount or would you look at the alternatives and ipad 3 accessories?

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Are you willing to pay more for comming iPad 3?
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